Saturday, 20 December 2014


I am afraid the blog has taken a back seat with the Christmas preparations. This has been added to by the work being done on the front of our house, no lights in the front garden this year as they would be in the builders way.

The dogs were all trimmed and washed for Christmas, but the wet, well manured fields have sorted that out, and they stink like compost heaps. Needless to say they do not care one bit. It will probably be a bath before the day.

We have checked and checked again that we have everything ready for February, but we never take anything for granted after the last two years experience. We hope you are all ready, both for Christmas and the fair and that Black Friday, manic Monday, mad Friday and panic Saturday have passed you by, and you can glide into Christmas day without too much fuss and worry.

We wish you all


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Is the Miniature Scene Changing?

We had a very enjoyable day at Kensington last Saturday. It was good to see James Hemsley of Trigger Pond looking so well after having to withdraw from Thame last year through illness. We are looking forward to seeing him back at Thame in 2015.

We also enjoyed some of the European visitors work and looked at how the different cultural influences came through in style, presentation and content. These exhibitors are at the top end of the miniature scene and that is why they come to Kensington, but it also must be worth their while to do so.

This then raises the question, is the miniature scene changing? Quite a few fairs have closed or downsized over the last two or three years, and the reason must be that they have become or are not financially viable any longer. This may be because the organisers have allowed the quality of the fairs to be watered down, or it may be that the buying public have become more discerning, or it may be just that the buying habits of miniaturists have changed. Whatever it is, there does seem to be a shift in the way things are going, so it will be interesting to see how things go at Thame in 2015.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Accommodation for Thame

We have added a list of accommodation in and around the Thame area. This is not a definitive list and is really a list to add to. We will be happy to include other names if you know of any guest houses, hotels or B & Bs, that are available.

Time marches on  relentlessly, and it will soon be Christmas and then the fair. There is much still to do and we hope the weather stays mild and dry so that we have a good turn out of visitors. Only one of us is able to drive at the moment, so tasks that would normally get divided up are not. The dogs have had to get used to a different system for their walks, but we seem to have managed that, and they as all dogs, would rather have a walk than not.

Thame fair raffle. If you have a picture of 
any of the raffle prizes for 2015 could you 
send them to us so we can put them onto the website. Stuff for the charity tables can be collected locally if you want to clear a space for Christmas.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Handy Challenge

I did not realise how many things you need two hands for. Just doing the many tasks that we take for granted, having only one operational hand makes these tasks much harder. I have total respect for those that have to deal with this on a daily basis.

This great big bandage is all for an operation to straighten out my little finger. Just as well it was done now as it would have made it difficult to go skiing, and to sort out the tables and the electrics for the fair.The end result should let me get my diving gloves on more easily as well, which will be good. Holidays are on hold for the moment.

Although the stand holders table numbers reads 47 on the website, we actually have 44. Our website manager is about to deal with this.

It is interesting for us that we have less double tables and more single tables booked than in previous years. Once I am hand mobile again, I will play with the floor plan and see how much space we have extra. 

After looking at the feedback from last year and discussing the various options available, and assessing the possible outcome of moving the charity tables to the small hall, we have decided to leave them as they were last year. The flow seemed better and there were fewer bottle necks than in previous years. Any thoughts you have on this, please let us know through the usual channels.

Hopefully by Tuesday evening I will have a smaller and more useful dressing on my hand. It might make walking the dogs less of a challenge on Wednesday.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


The Flower Lady

Miniature Scene has been added to the list of exhibitors. Paul produces a range of fires and stoves, as well as fireplaces. We now have 44 stand holders.

Looking at the list of exhibitors for 2015, there is a really good range of interesting  things for the visitors to look at and buy. We advertise that we have some of the best British artisans at the fair, and looking at the potential quality of the stand holders and their work, we feel justified in saying this. For a small fair, the quality and range of things on offer is outstanding.

Please bring us your unwanted miniatures for the charity tables. All items can be dropped off or we can collect locally or arrange a pick up point.

Even if you do not do facebook, just go to the page and and like it. More likes moves the page up the google ranking.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Better and Better

Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair 2015 is going from strength  to strength. We have just added A & L StLeger to the list of exhibitors. They make some of the most interesting miniatures available to buy. Their toys are a delight.

Looking down the list of exhibitors for 2015, it is a most impressive line up of Artisans. The quality is second to none, and we hope this is reflected in the interest of the visitors, and gets them flocking through the doors on February 21st.

Anthony Church will be distributing leaflets round the Oxford area, so if you see him please give him some encouragement. His help always boosts the street collection for Breast Cancer Campaign, as well as adding a bit of colour to the fair.

Here is some more colour from Coombe Crafts


Friday, 24 October 2014

Good News

Anthony Church, the Town Crier, will be coming to Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair in 2015. He is back working which is fantastic news, and we are delighted  to have him back at the fair.

Jeff Mewies will also be at the fair. He makes copper ware and a range of kitchen utensils. We now have 42 Artisans attending, and a good mix of interest. 

The dolls house magazines should be carrying advertisements for the fair in the December and January issues, so watch out for these.

Anthony Church

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sales Table

The Sales Table at Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair is a big part of the fundraising for Breast Cancer Campaign. Last year it raised well over £1000.
Sales Table 2014

All the items are donated. We accept any dollshouse and miniature  items except dollshouses. We are now collecting items for the 2015 fair, so maybe its a good time to have a bit of a clear-out and donate things you no longer want to this great cause. If you have a lot of items, we're quite happy to arrange collection if you are within a reasonable distance of Thame. Contact us by phone or email to ask if we can collect.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Change of Weather

We had a few days in Norfolk last week and also went round Sandringham House - quite inspirational for miniature scenes! The weather was good but we realised from the forecast it was about to change. Well as Autumn comes blundering along with a drop in temperature, it is time to move in from the garden to the miniatures workshop and start making. Picking up the projects you put down when the clocks went forward, or starting something completely new.

Two more stand holders have joined us for Thame, Phoenix Models and Cottage Creations. The range of exhibitors for the fair now looks good, and we think the line up should offer a wide range of interest, quality and choice for the visitors. We are still expecting one or two more exhibitors to come and join us and are awaiting their forms and details before adding them to the website, so keep checking.

The first prizes for the raffle have been donated by Truly Scrumptious and Jacqueline Crosby.

pencil box donated by Jacqueline Crosby

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Day Out

On Sunday we went to Miniaturu. It was smaller than we remembered it , but the quality was back, and it was interesting to see some really good work. We spent some time chatting to the artisans who come to Thame, and to some whose work we did not know. Maybe one or two may wish to come to Thame in the future.

One question that kept coming up was people buying and selling on the internet and how this may be impacting on the fairs. I still think there is a place for fairs or how do people really get a feel for what they are buying unless they see it. Buying small items, or things you already know unseen from a trusted source, may be fine, but spending real money for a special piece must be a bit different. There are now so many media sites catering for every hobby, craft and sport, one could spend all day going from site to site. Digital photography and the services some web sites offer must make them very attractive but are they a substitute for the real thing?

Talking of media sites, we have been looking at pinterest. Do any of you use it, and how does it work? Any thoughts or experiences on how it may help us to advertise the Thame Fair would be welcome.

Malcolms' Miniatures

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Back to Business

We have just returned from ten days in Crete where the temperature was 32 C, and the water at 25 metres down was 26 C. The water was clear and the visibility was 20 - 25 metres, so the diving was good. Felicity said the sunbeds were good as well.  A bit of a change in temperature here, but at least it is still dry.

It was interesting to see that all the shrines in gardens and by the road side were all about 1/12th scale. I did not go round with a tape measure to check, but they certainly looked that size. Also looking at some of the artefacts in the museum at Knosos, miniatures were being made 3000 - 4000 years ago. 

We have added Kattykorner to the exhibitors list and are hoping some others will be signing up in the near future. Kattykorner make some interesting and attractive things, and are quite different from the other stand holders at the fair. Their pictures will be coming shortly.

It is Miniatura this Sunday and we will probably be there for a change. We have often been away for this, or have returned just after the event. 

Piano by Beith Miniatures

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Starting Early

Just as well we started on the Fair early, as  there are things that have had to be dealt with well in advance of their usual time scales. The dolls house magazines want the adverts earlier and this has had a knock on effect. I suppose we shall be so far ahead of ourselves, we shall meet ourselves coming back.   

 This may be a blessing in disguise though, as hopefully we shall not have any surprises just before the Fair, as we have had the last two years. Although, that has ensured we do not take anything for granted and we know becoming complacent only means trouble.

Leaflets have now gone out and anyone who would like more please ask. We even managed to get these done pre Miniatura which must be a first. 

Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair has a facebook page. so please go on and like it as this boosts it's rating. Encourage others to do the same please.

We hope to have news of some more Artisans booking for February so watch this space.

Shoebutton Bears

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Busy Times!

Pub in rural Somerset, with campsite
Its been a busy few weeks filled with miniatures and non- miniature activities. And no sign of the pace slowing down! Actually I think its really us slowing down and getting less done in the time than we used to! But most of what we do is our choice rather than things we have to do - and that's a good place to be!
We recently had a few days away in our motorhome at an idyllic peaceful location in Somerset, and have just spent part of the bank holiday weekend at a local folk festival.

Thame Dollshouse& Miniatures Fair, February 2014
Of course, one of the things we really love is Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair, in February. But the preparation for it goes on for months before, and we are well and truly on the road with planning for the 2015 event, on 21st February. Exhibitors are now listed on the website - we are still waiting for information, etc on a few more, so keep checking the website for more. This morning we collected the flyers from the printer. These will be posted out to exhibitors later this week, so should be appearing all over the place shortly!

I went to a local fair yesterday, and was able to chat with a couple of our exhibitors who had stands there, as well as looking round at a  range of other exhibitors, some of who I hadn't seen before. Several asked about tables at our fair, but unfortunately we can't take everybody who'd like to come.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Change and Progress

It is very interesting how things change and progress even while they appear to remain the same. We have been preparing the poster for the fair in 2015 and looking back over posters from the previous years. What stood out for us and also took us slightly by surprise, was that the fair has changed a lot over the last few years. A core group of the original Artisans has been coming each year, but the rest of the stand holders at the fair have changed every year, and most markedly over the last two years. 

These changes have been for a number of different reasons, but are mainly retirement, health and economic considerations. This has presented us with an interesting challenge each year. Who do we invite to fill the vacant slots, and how do we keep the standard of the Artisans at the fair at the expected high level, without doubling up and losing the variety and interesting range of products on offer.

Every aspect of life in the modern world is affected by the internet and the social media. Fashions change rapidly and competition is fast and furious, but we think there is still a place for the fair where people can come and look at and purchase the the things they want, and talk to the Artisans who make them. Even if people do not buy at the time, they can still build a wish list and buy it later. Seeing and talking about that special item keeps the interest alive.

                                                     Work by Victoria Fasken

You are also supporting Breast Cancer Campaign.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Website Update

The exhibitors page is now live and ready for your photographs to be up-loaded. Felicity is going to put some up next week, but these may be old ones.

Unfortunately Peter Clark is still undergoing treatment for his eye condition and will not be able to attend the fair in 2015. However, he hopes to be back in 2016. We wish him a all the best and hope he has a good recovery.

It is still a bit warm and sticky for miniaturing, but it is a good time to plan that next project or design your new dolls house. If you start in September, then the fair in February will be a perfect time to find things to fill it.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Thame Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair 2015

We now have thirty three confirmed standholders for 2015. Five more are on the provisional list. We are also contacting some more quality artisans to see whether they would like to attend the fair. 

Since we began organising the fair four years ago, there has been quite a change in the line up. Some artisans have retired, some have been unable to attend for various reasons and some have had a break and come back. This all helps to keep the fair fresh and interesting.

The list of exhibitors will go public in the next few days, so please check out the website and begin planning your day out . It is a long way ahead, but that just means you have longer to save up for that extra special item for your dolls house.

Saturday 21st February 2015. 

Friday, 25 July 2014


We are now on Facebook. Link on the front page of the TDH&MF website coming soon. This old dog is going to have to learn some more tricks. After looking at twitter and talking to people who use it and those who choose not to, I decided it was to labour intensive. Are there any other social sites people use and are worth considering?

Friday, 18 July 2014


Thank you to all those who gave us feedback after the last fair. Also it was extremely useful to read the answers to the questions we asked stand holders, your comments have helped us to decide on the way forward.

Thame Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair will remain an Artisans only fair. The availability of suitable stand holders may result in the fair becoming smaller, but we shall continue to ask quality makers to attend when we have spaces.

We are going to make more use of this blog and will highlight stand holders and events throughout the weeks leading up to the fair. We are also investigating Facebook and twitter, and hope we can link all three social networks in the near future.

We shall do all the usual advertising, but any ideas you may have about how we can further publicise the event would be greatly appreciated.

Some stand holders who could not attend the fair last year are back this year. Many of the regulars have also signed up for 2015, as well as some who came for the first time last year.

We are once again hoping to deliver a quality fair with quality stand holders, a great atmosphere and a good day out.

The website will go live in August.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

T D H & M F

It is amazing how long it takes to finalise the charity money, and sort out the costs and bills to pay, but we are getting there.

We have already started to think about next years fair, and invitation letters plus details, will be going out to potential stand holders during April. It will be interesting to see how that develops and what the response will be from the first batch of invitations. We seem to be going through a time of change, and where are the 1/12th dolls house makers? Could be it is the time for pre-loved dolls houses to move into the limelight.

It might be nice to have some different fund raising activities next year, so any suggestions would be welcome. A range of interesting ideas to choose from would be great.

Now the weather has improved we are thinking about the garden, holidays and getting out and about, but first things first and next years fair will top of our agenda.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

T D H & M F 2014

The first count and interim amount raised for the Breast Cancer Campaign this year is £2285.49. This will certainly increase as there is some more money to be added in later as it comes in.

Despite not having the street collection this year, this is still a fantastic amount. Thank you again to all the hard working volunteers who made this possible.

Saturday 21st February is the provisional date for next years event. Once this is confirmed the date will go on the website.

If you have any simple, great ideas to raise money next year, please pass them on to us.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Thame Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make the day a success. A very big thank you to the volunteers who manned the fund raising tables, you were fantastic. Once we have a total raised figure we will post it here and on the web page.

Thank you stand holders, and we hope you all had a good day. We realise fortunes are always mixed , and people spend their money as they want, but we trust you had a worthwhile day.

We have had some very positive feedback, but as always any ideas you have to improve the fair are welcome. Did the traffic around the fair flow more smoothly, did I manage to unblock the congested areas we had last year? Not sure what we can do to improve the canteen, but we will talk to them.

For those that could not attend because of ill health, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to welcome you again next year.

Once again thank you all for your support.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thursday 20th

I was around the Thame area today. Despite it being a very mixed day, showers a bit of sun and the dogs coming in soaking wet from a long walk across the fields. The rain has made little difference to the roads.

Forecast looks better for the next two days.

See you all Saturday

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

T D H & M F 19 Feb 14

Felicity went over to the venue today, conditions were good, no flooding and parking was okay. It has been a reasonable day here and the forecast for the next couple of days is good, in fact I do not remember the last February that is as mild as this.

Everything on track for a great day.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday Update - 3 days to go

Peter Clark had to pull out of the fair yesterday on health ground. He will be missed this year as he is regular at the fair. Phoenix Models have stepped into the breach at very short notice, so we are thankful for their help.

Very mixed weather today, but it has had no real effect on the surrounding area. Roads are clear

Monday, 17 February 2014

T D H & M F 2014

Monday 17th February. Felicity's birthday today. We often had snow at this time, but it is so mild there is no chance of snow. Bit of a grey day, drizzle but no real rain. Forecast dry for the next few hours. Roads around Thame no problem, however I still get diverted by fallen trees. SAT nav gets very upset when I follow a detour. Tour in detour seems very appropriate sometimes.

See you all Saturday

Sunday, 16 February 2014

T D H & M F 2014

Today has been another clear bright day. No rain, wind, just sunshine. Water is slowly receding. Roads are clear.

Going into North London tomorrow, it will be interesting to see  if the weather has had  an impact there.

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Today the weather has been dry, sunny and windy around the Thame area. Last night the wind was so strong it demolished a brick pillar supporting the fence on the boundary. Last week a few trees came down, but with less rain this will give the ground a chance to dry so the trees will stay in the ground.

Weather looks more seasonal for next week.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

T D H & M F 2014

Every thing is ready for the day. Tables checked, can't do with a repeat of last year, when the table supplier pulled out a week before the fair.

The table plan is on the website, some changes but not to many. We have had to adjust some positions to fill in gaps and try to keep a logical structure to the movement around the fair. We have also tried to take account of some of the feedback we have had and hope we have improved the areas where bottlenecks caused congestion.

Now can everyone please cross their fingers or say a dry weather prayer so that we get a dry spell before the fair.

Remember doors open at 10.00.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Not Long Now

I returned from Avorias in France yesterday. Replaced snow with rain, at least you can ski on snow, rain is just wet.

Everything is on track for a really good fair. A superb range of Artisans and stand holders, we hope something of quality for everyone to see and buy.

My job now is to place information about the fair on all the local what's on websites, and cross those Ts and dot the Is.

Doors open 10.00 on Saturday 22nd February.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

T D H & M F 2014

We have been reviewing the feedback over the last two years and have become aware that there have been some comments made about bottle necks and circulation that we feel we need to look at. As a result I have been playing with a large piece of paper drawn to scale and cut to scale tables, (much as I used to plan my early classroom when we had 36 - 40 children in a class and no room). One of the outcomes of this exercise, is that we shall site the charity area in the middle of the fair and make sure the aisles are more evenly spaced.  It works on paper. but we shall await your feedback after the event to see how it works in real life.

What exciting lives we lead!

Some great raffle prizes coming in. Pictures will be on the website.

Saturday 22nd February come and support the Breast Cancer Campaign

Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 Thame Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair

The 2013 fair saw some Artisans retiring and moving on to do other things, they will be missed but not forgotten. However, since the fair a number of the regular standholders have had to withdraw this year for a variety of different reasons. Some will no doubt be back in 2015 as their lives return to normal.

This means that we have been able to invite some different people to the fair this year and hope they will meet your usual high expectations. We have listened to your feedback and comments and tried to act upon them as best we can within the criteria we set to ensure the continued quality of the fair.

So please check out the website and prepare yourself to enjoy another great fair.

Doors open at 10.00 on Saturday February 22nd