Monday, 6 October 2014

Change of Weather

We had a few days in Norfolk last week and also went round Sandringham House - quite inspirational for miniature scenes! The weather was good but we realised from the forecast it was about to change. Well as Autumn comes blundering along with a drop in temperature, it is time to move in from the garden to the miniatures workshop and start making. Picking up the projects you put down when the clocks went forward, or starting something completely new.

Two more stand holders have joined us for Thame, Phoenix Models and Cottage Creations. The range of exhibitors for the fair now looks good, and we think the line up should offer a wide range of interest, quality and choice for the visitors. We are still expecting one or two more exhibitors to come and join us and are awaiting their forms and details before adding them to the website, so keep checking.

The first prizes for the raffle have been donated by Truly Scrumptious and Jacqueline Crosby.

pencil box donated by Jacqueline Crosby

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