Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Day Out

On Sunday we went to Miniaturu. It was smaller than we remembered it , but the quality was back, and it was interesting to see some really good work. We spent some time chatting to the artisans who come to Thame, and to some whose work we did not know. Maybe one or two may wish to come to Thame in the future.

One question that kept coming up was people buying and selling on the internet and how this may be impacting on the fairs. I still think there is a place for fairs or how do people really get a feel for what they are buying unless they see it. Buying small items, or things you already know unseen from a trusted source, may be fine, but spending real money for a special piece must be a bit different. There are now so many media sites catering for every hobby, craft and sport, one could spend all day going from site to site. Digital photography and the services some web sites offer must make them very attractive but are they a substitute for the real thing?

Talking of media sites, we have been looking at pinterest. Do any of you use it, and how does it work? Any thoughts or experiences on how it may help us to advertise the Thame Fair would be welcome.

Malcolms' Miniatures

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