Monday, 25 July 2016

Back to Fairs

I am now four weeks after a total knee replacement and really just want to get going as normal. Going to the folk club and the ukelele groups I go to. One slight problem though, I have not been told I can drive yet. Felicity has been very patient. I really don't do invalid well.

Plans for Haddenham Dolls House Fair and Exhibition are underway. More details will follow shortly.

Letters for Thame have been sent to stand holders, more information will be given as these are returned.

As usual a lot seems to have happened over the year. Certainly not a time to be complacent or under estimate what may or may not happen. Who knows what the next six months will bring.

Book these dates in your diary.

12th November 2016  Haddenham Dolls house Fair and Exhibition.

18th February 2017  Thame Dollshouse  and Miniatures Fair.