Sunday, 17 August 2014

Change and Progress

It is very interesting how things change and progress even while they appear to remain the same. We have been preparing the poster for the fair in 2015 and looking back over posters from the previous years. What stood out for us and also took us slightly by surprise, was that the fair has changed a lot over the last few years. A core group of the original Artisans has been coming each year, but the rest of the stand holders at the fair have changed every year, and most markedly over the last two years. 

These changes have been for a number of different reasons, but are mainly retirement, health and economic considerations. This has presented us with an interesting challenge each year. Who do we invite to fill the vacant slots, and how do we keep the standard of the Artisans at the fair at the expected high level, without doubling up and losing the variety and interesting range of products on offer.

Every aspect of life in the modern world is affected by the internet and the social media. Fashions change rapidly and competition is fast and furious, but we think there is still a place for the fair where people can come and look at and purchase the the things they want, and talk to the Artisans who make them. Even if people do not buy at the time, they can still build a wish list and buy it later. Seeing and talking about that special item keeps the interest alive.

                                                     Work by Victoria Fasken

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  1. As one of the 'old core' can I just say how much your efforts to keep the fair at such a standard is appreciated by not only the artisans attending, but by our many returning customers who have come to expect and support such excellence. Keep up the great work.

  2. Exactly what Robin said!!!

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  4. As another of the "old core" and one of the original founder members of this fair, it is very pleasing to see how the "artisan ethos" is being continued and how the standard of wares on offer is extremely high still. I agree with Robin and Georgie.... not only the artisans themselves but from comments made to me by my own customers too, a lot of people are appreciating your continued efforts with this fair and am sure that 2015 event will be yet another great success! Another frequent comment is that people feel that Thame Fair has a very special,happy and friendly atmosphere....just like how dolls house fairs used to be in the "good old days"! Celia