Wednesday, 19 March 2014

T D H & M F

It is amazing how long it takes to finalise the charity money, and sort out the costs and bills to pay, but we are getting there.

We have already started to think about next years fair, and invitation letters plus details, will be going out to potential stand holders during April. It will be interesting to see how that develops and what the response will be from the first batch of invitations. We seem to be going through a time of change, and where are the 1/12th dolls house makers? Could be it is the time for pre-loved dolls houses to move into the limelight.

It might be nice to have some different fund raising activities next year, so any suggestions would be welcome. A range of interesting ideas to choose from would be great.

Now the weather has improved we are thinking about the garden, holidays and getting out and about, but first things first and next years fair will top of our agenda.