Wednesday, 12 February 2014

T D H & M F 2014

Every thing is ready for the day. Tables checked, can't do with a repeat of last year, when the table supplier pulled out a week before the fair.

The table plan is on the website, some changes but not to many. We have had to adjust some positions to fill in gaps and try to keep a logical structure to the movement around the fair. We have also tried to take account of some of the feedback we have had and hope we have improved the areas where bottlenecks caused congestion.

Now can everyone please cross their fingers or say a dry weather prayer so that we get a dry spell before the fair.

Remember doors open at 10.00.


  1. Looking forward to it! Aren't we lucky that the food plain works so well and Thame is dry and that main roads are all open and buses and Chiltern Railways are all running normally. should be another super day1

    1. We're looking forward to it too, Robin.
      Ron is going to do a daily weather update on here to reassure people.