Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Accommodation for Thame

We have added a list of accommodation in and around the Thame area. This is not a definitive list and is really a list to add to. We will be happy to include other names if you know of any guest houses, hotels or B & Bs, that are available.

Time marches on  relentlessly, and it will soon be Christmas and then the fair. There is much still to do and we hope the weather stays mild and dry so that we have a good turn out of visitors. Only one of us is able to drive at the moment, so tasks that would normally get divided up are not. The dogs have had to get used to a different system for their walks, but we seem to have managed that, and they as all dogs, would rather have a walk than not.

Thame fair raffle. If you have a picture of 
any of the raffle prizes for 2015 could you 
send them to us so we can put them onto the website. Stuff for the charity tables can be collected locally if you want to clear a space for Christmas.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Handy Challenge

I did not realise how many things you need two hands for. Just doing the many tasks that we take for granted, having only one operational hand makes these tasks much harder. I have total respect for those that have to deal with this on a daily basis.

This great big bandage is all for an operation to straighten out my little finger. Just as well it was done now as it would have made it difficult to go skiing, and to sort out the tables and the electrics for the fair.The end result should let me get my diving gloves on more easily as well, which will be good. Holidays are on hold for the moment.

Although the stand holders table numbers reads 47 on the website, we actually have 44. Our website manager is about to deal with this.

It is interesting for us that we have less double tables and more single tables booked than in previous years. Once I am hand mobile again, I will play with the floor plan and see how much space we have extra. 

After looking at the feedback from last year and discussing the various options available, and assessing the possible outcome of moving the charity tables to the small hall, we have decided to leave them as they were last year. The flow seemed better and there were fewer bottle necks than in previous years. Any thoughts you have on this, please let us know through the usual channels.

Hopefully by Tuesday evening I will have a smaller and more useful dressing on my hand. It might make walking the dogs less of a challenge on Wednesday.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


The Flower Lady

Miniature Scene has been added to the list of exhibitors. Paul produces a range of fires and stoves, as well as fireplaces. We now have 44 stand holders.

Looking at the list of exhibitors for 2015, there is a really good range of interesting  things for the visitors to look at and buy. We advertise that we have some of the best British artisans at the fair, and looking at the potential quality of the stand holders and their work, we feel justified in saying this. For a small fair, the quality and range of things on offer is outstanding.

Please bring us your unwanted miniatures for the charity tables. All items can be dropped off or we can collect locally or arrange a pick up point.

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