Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Busy Times!

Pub in rural Somerset, with campsite
Its been a busy few weeks filled with miniatures and non- miniature activities. And no sign of the pace slowing down! Actually I think its really us slowing down and getting less done in the time than we used to! But most of what we do is our choice rather than things we have to do - and that's a good place to be!
We recently had a few days away in our motorhome at an idyllic peaceful location in Somerset, and have just spent part of the bank holiday weekend at a local folk festival.

Thame Dollshouse& Miniatures Fair, February 2014
Of course, one of the things we really love is Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair, in February. But the preparation for it goes on for months before, and we are well and truly on the road with planning for the 2015 event, on 21st February. Exhibitors are now listed on the website - we are still waiting for information, etc on a few more, so keep checking the website for more. This morning we collected the flyers from the printer. These will be posted out to exhibitors later this week, so should be appearing all over the place shortly!

I went to a local fair yesterday, and was able to chat with a couple of our exhibitors who had stands there, as well as looking round at a  range of other exhibitors, some of who I hadn't seen before. Several asked about tables at our fair, but unfortunately we can't take everybody who'd like to come.

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